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As a parent, it’s important to focus on keeping your child healthy. You have to make sure you’re feeding them the right foods, they’re getting enough exercise, and that they’re healthy. Unfortunately, food tends to be where problems start. you might be feeding your children foods that are good for their body, but don’t forget about foods that are good for their oral hygiene.

There are so many foods that are good for your child’s oral hygiene, but there are also some foods that may severely damage their teeth and send them to the dentist office for dental work. Let’s take a look at the three most damaging foods.

Ice isn’t for Chewing
Although many children may love chewing ice because of its texture and temperature, it can actually really hurt their teeth. Sure it tastes good, doesn’t have any sugars, and doesn’t include any additives, but chewing something so hard can break teeth, cause dental emergencies, and break down your child’s teeth enamel. The last thing you want is for your child to suffer from mouth pain or have to miss school to get into the dentist office for a dentist visit. Children who struggle with poor oral health are 3 times more likely to miss school due to dental pain. Try and break your child’s habit by giving them other crunchy items like carrots or celery.

Monitor Your Child’s Citrus Intake
Foods like lemons, limes, and grapefruits might seem like a fine food for your child to eat since they are fruits. However, those choices have a large amount of citrus in them that can really damage your child’s teeth. By eating these foods, you risk enamel erosion and if your child has any mouth sores or cuts, the citric food will definitely irritate the wound. If your child is eating a citrus food, make sure they’re pairing it with plenty of water.

Sports Drinks can Actually Hurt
Even though you think giving your child a sports drink is a good idea, you may be very wrong. Sugar is the main ingredient in those drinks, which means they should only be given to a child or teen that is involved in rigorous activities. If you do want to give your child a sports drink, make sure you’re giving them one that has a low sugar content.

By helping your child with their oral hygiene, you’re allowing them to not have to make constant dentist visits, keeping their teeth healthy, and keeping them out of pain. Your child and your childrens dentist will thank you.

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