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It’s very exciting for your child when they begin to lose their baby teeth. They know that losing their teeth means the tooth fairy will appear while they’re sleeping and leave them a surprise.

Not only does losing the teeth mean the arrival of the tooth fairy, but it also means that their permanent teeth will start to develop. But what happens if your child’s adult teeth just aren’t coming in? There are many reasons as to why this may be happening.

First, the most common reason as to why your child may not be developing their permanent teeth is because there isn’t enough space for them to grow yet. If the tooth that has fallen out is much smaller than the adult tooth that is trying to grow, there’s a chance that there isn’t enough room for the new tooth to get through. Most children have spaces between their baby teeth to allow for the permanent tooth to grow, but for children without those natural spaces, you can reach out to your kids orthodontics center to have teeth removed.

Another reason as to why your child’s teeth might not be growing in is due to genetics. If you as a parent had late teeth development when you were a kid, there’s a high chance that your child’s teeth will experience the same delay. Talk to your spouse or any other people in your family to find out if they experienced late development.

One final reason as to why your child may not be experiencing the tooth growth they expect may be due to their permanent teeth growing in the wrong way. If the permanent teeth are growing in a different direction than the baby teeth were, tooth development may not be apparent. If you find that this may be the case for your child, reach out to your pediatric dentist office, as they may have to perform oral surgery. Your dental pediatrician will be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done.

There are many reasons as to why your child’s teeth aren’t growing in after losing a baby tooth, and this isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. Reaching out to your pediatric dentist office for dental work on a regular basis will be the most reliable way to determine if there is an issue from the get-go. In the United States, one in five children go without dental care, so it’s important to make sure your family has access to a pediatric dentist office to prevent any potential problems.

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