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If you’re a parent, you know the importance of keeping your children’s teeth healthy. Children should begin regular dentist visits at age one and continue to go to the dentist office for their dental work and care every six months after the first.

It is important that your childrens dental care is not neglected, especially if you want them to develop good habits as they grow. However, sometimes issues like cavities are hard to avoid. In those instances, you should take care of the problem as soon as you can. It can cost more money to not handle a cavity at the start than to wait, and here’s why:

Teeth Don’t Heal
Unlike the rest of your body, teeth cannot heal themselves. Antibodies, which typically fight infection within the body, are not involved when it comes to the dentin and enamel that make up teeth. Once the decay starts, the only way to stop it is to drill it out and fill the empty space in the tooth. The worse the decay, the more expensive the dental work will be.

It Will Get Worse
Decay in teeth will keep getting deeper and deeper as it continues to rot. Without filling it, the cavity will grow. If it gets too bad, a root canal may be necessary. As you may already know, root canals are expensive, painful, and time-consuming. It’s best to just get a filling instead.

You Don’t Want To Pay For Implants
If you thought the root canal was expensive, wait until you learn the cost of dental implants. If an adult tooth needs to be pulled, sometimes an implant is the only logical solution to fill the gap left behind. Ultimately it’s best to just get the filling while you can to avoid the pain and cost of dental implants.

Taking care of your child’s teeth can be difficult, especially if they don’t like having you do it. Going to a kids dentist and having regular check ups, making sure they brush daily, and handling any issues as they come up can be good ways to ensure that they have the best dental health.

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