kids orthodontics

As a parent, you probably understand the importance of braces. Of course, as a self-conscious preteen, you might not see the importance at all. Children often see braces as a very bad thing, when in reality, they can help improve their smile and oral health for a lifetime to come.

Children may have many different reasons for feeling anxious about braces, but it’s important to address their concerns no matter what they are. If your child is struggling to adjust to their braces, there are some things you can do to help them.

First, you need to make sure you follow the kids orthodontics office’s orders. If the staff from the kids orthodontics office tells you that your child should avoid certain foods, follow that rule. While your child might not be happy with the fact that they can’t eat popcorn for a little while, make sure they know it’s for the best. The diet change will probably be the biggest adjustment your child will have to make. If they are reminded that it won’t last forever and that they’ll be happy with the results, they’ll be more likely to accept it.

Next, you need to listen to your child and their feelings. Many children feel that if they get braces, they’re going to be bullied and embarrassed. This is a common concern for many children. Remind your child that many of their friends either have braces, had braces, or will be getting braces at one point. If your child is being bullied, don’t be afraid to take action by talking to their school. Your dentist for kids might also be able to offer some words of wisdom.

Your child may be used to pain from cavities, which can make them fearful of all forms of pediatric dentistry. In fact, over 40% of children have dental cavities by the time they reach kindergarten. Much like cavity pain, when a child gets braces, they’re bound to experience some sort of discomfort. This discomfort might not be full-on pain, but it might be enough to bother them. If your child isn’t feeling well, offer them an age appropriate painkiller. Your dentist office might be able to offer suggestions for a good remedy as well. Listen to your child when they say they’re uncomfortable and don’t dismiss their pain. In rare occasions, their pain could be due to something more serious. If the pain continues, reach out to your childrens dentist or kids orthodontics office for assistance.

Having braces might not be the most fun rite of passage, but they sure are helpful. Remind your child that even though they’re dealing with them now, the result will be worth the time.

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