As a parent, making sure that your child’s teeth are healthy is key. If they have poor oral hygiene, it leaves room for potential problems. Even though you’ve heard of different ways to protect your child’s teeth, you can easily prevent problems by knowing what you’re giving them to eat or drink.

It’s well known that sugary treats and high-acidic foods are terrible for your child’s teeth. Your kids dentist will tell you that those items can significantly harm their mouths. But, there are some foods and drinks out there that are actually good for them to have. Let’s take a look at a few.

It’s no secret that water is great for anyone. Our bodies are mostly made up of water, so drinking it can really help to nourish. Water is also great for children’s teeth. It’s the best thing to drink after you eat something, as it acts as a rinsing agent. Water that has fluoride in it is even better because it strengthens tooth enamel, which is crucial for children.

This may come as a shock, but cheese is actually pretty good for your child’s teeth. Although, the cheese MUST not have added sugars. Cheese stimulates saliva production and the calcium in it replaces the minerals that were destroyed by acidic foods. If your child doesn’t like cheese, you can turn to yogurt, milk, or other dairy items instead. The calcium in the dairy also helps to strengthen bones, which is essential for a child’s development.

Fruits and Vegetables
Any fruit or vegetable you give your child that is a high-fiber option can help to “scrub” away the bad things on their teeth. These foods are also an excellent choice because they stimulate saliva production, much like cheese does. You may also be able to trick your child into eating something healthier like an apple, which is just as sweet as a sugary treat. They’ll get their sweet-satisfaction, and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing their teeth are protected.

If your child isn’t allergic, nuts are an excellent option for your child’s teeth. Almonds, cashews, and walnuts provide their teeth with a number of vitamins and minerals. For example, almonds contain a high amount of calcium which helps their teeth and gums.

While sugary treats may seem like a good option to your child, they can actually do the most damage. Turning to foods like apples, nuts, fruits, and vegetables can actually protect their teeth and prevent any future problems. Speak to your child’s first dentist when you go in for dental work if you have any specific questions. Children should start visiting the dentist at the age of one, so these good practices can be initiated at an early age.

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