As a parent, you probably have a lot of things to worry about. But one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is your child’s dental health.

Keeping your child’s teeth both healthy and clean can be quite a struggle. However, by taking care of your child’s teeth, you can prevent some of the most common dental problems we tend to see in kids. Here are the top three.

Tooth decay actually ranks as the number one childhood chronic illness, according to the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation. If the tooth decay is left untreated, pediatric dental diseases could develop, as well as potential speaking problems. While it is serious, tooth decay is preventable. Take your child to the dentist office regularly and make sure their oral hygiene routine is completed daily. Make sure your child gets into the habit of flossing their teeth, too! Just remember, if your child is younger two, do not use fluoride toothpaste unless your doctor or dentist tells you to.

If you have small children, there’s a chance they’re probably still sucking their thumb. Even though it’s a pretty common thing for little kids to do,thumb sucking that continues after the age of five can be a huge problem. A child’s permanent teeth tend to come in around that age, and if they are still sucking their thumb, the teeth could be pushed out of alignment. Do what you can to try to break the habit of thumb sucking by offering positive reinforcement or rewards.

Another common problem you may find with your child and their teeth is tongue thrusting. Tongue thrusting is when a child’s tongue moves forward during rest or sticks out between their lower and upper teeth when swallowing or speaking. Unfortunately, if this goes on unaddressed, a child may actually speak and swallow differently than their peers.

Dental problems are the last thing you want your child to struggle with. Unfortunately, they are fairly common. Take a look at the top three most common dental problems children may experience, and if your child is struggling with any of these issues, contact your kids dentist immediately.

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