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Taking your child to the dentist can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Your child might be extremely excited about getting their teeth cleaned on a regular basis, or they might be a little bit worried.

If you haven’t taken your little one to the dentist for the first time yet, you and your child might have some questions. Believe it or not, dentists actually get asked a lot of the same questions over and over again. So, here are some of those frequently asked questions.

Does Losing a Tooth Hurt?

As a parent, you know that losing a tooth doesn’t typically hurt. However, telling that to your child might not go as well as if they were to hear it directly from the dentist. The dentist will likely tell your child that it doesn’t hurt to lose a tooth. However, if you try to pull the tooth out before it’s ready to come out, you might have some problems. Kids are typically scared of losing teeth, but talking with your family dentist directly can help ease the worry for your child and childs teeth.

What’s the Importance of Baby Teeth?

We all know baby teeth as your childs teeth that fall out pretty quickly. You and your child might think that since they fall out pretty fast, they’re not all that important. However, that isn’t the case. Those little teeth help your child chew at an early age, speak well, and aid them in learning proper dental practices and oral hygiene. Even though you may think that it isn’t necessary to emphasize dental habits until your child develops adult teeth, baby teeth act as placeholders for the permanent teeth, and damage to them can cause major problems later.

What About Thumb and Pacifier Sucking?

When your child is younger, it’s extremely common for them to use a pacifier or to suck on their thumb. Many parents are encouraged to kick those habits as soon as possible. At first, thumb sucking or sucking on a pacifier isn’t too harmful. However, if it does end up going on for an extended period of time, it can actually hurt your childs teeth. Most children will stop doing these things naturally, but if the habit goes on past age three, you might need to intervene.

Going to the dentist is a major part of your child’s life. They need to visit the dentist office frequently for regular check-ups and to make sure that their teeth are coming in the way they should. If you haven’t taken your little one to the dentist before, take a look at the questions listed above before visiting. It might help to ease some of your nerves.

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