Since your kids are out of school for a few months, it can be hard to keep them on track with their daily routines. But your child’s teeth still need attention, even in the summertime.

Before sending your kids back to school in the fall, you should complete an oral health back-to-school checklist. Here’s what you need to do.

Get Them Into the Dentist Office for a Checkup
Unless you’re a dentist yourself, you’re not going to know if your child has an infection in their mouth. Many diseases don’t show any symptoms at all. Your kids dentist is the only one who will truly know if something is happening inside their mouths. They will be able to diagnose the dental health problem and can help prevent any future pain as well.

Encourage Dental Hygiene Practices
Brushing and flossing may not be as simple as you think. It’s actually possible to not floss or brush properly, which can lead to the same serious issues as not brushing at all. In order to keep your child’s oral hygiene in tip-top shape, you need to make sure they’re doing everything right. Take a look online to find various videos and articles on how your child should properly brush and floss. Sit down with them and explain the importance of doing these tasks correctly. If your child is younger than age two, don’t use fluoride toothpaste unless your doctor or dentist tells you to.

Pack Healthy Lunches
If your child is heading off to summer camp, don’t stock their lunch full of sugary treats and drinks. These things can cause cavities and a lot of pain for your child. Instead, stick a couple bottles of water, fruit, vegetables, a healthy protein, and yogurt in your child’s lunch box. Fruits like oranges and strawberries can help to naturally whiten their teeth, so pack a bunch of those to keep your kid’s teeth pearly white.

Keeping your kid’s teeth healthy during the summer can be hard, especially when they’re not in the routine they’ve been following for the last school year. Even so, take time to get your child into the dentist office, make sure they’re brushing properly, and keep them away from sugary treats before they head back to school.

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