pediatric dental exam

The earlier your child starts going to the dentist, the better. In fact, it’s recommended that children have their first visit to a pediatric dentist before they reach the age of one. That might seem a little bit early, but the truth is that dental care should start before a baby’s first teeth emerge.

If you’re a parent concerned with the dental health of your child, but you aren’t sure what to expect during those first few pediatric dental exams, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a short guide to help you know exactly what you and your child can expect during that first pediatric dental exam.

Meeting the Dentist
First and foremost, the first pediatric dentistry visit gives your child a chance to meet and socialize with their dentist. Their dentist may take some time to show your child around the office and explain what all of the different dental tools are for, showcasing some of the more fun aspects of dental care. But most importantly, they will have an opportunity to bond with your child and make them feel more comfortable during future visits.

Holding Your Child
In a good number of instances, a dentist for children will ask a parent to hold the child or steady them while they sit in the treatment chair. If your child is particularly young, you should go into the pediatric dental exam expecting this. Older children may not need as much guidance in these scenarios, though it’s important to remember that your child will still likely need some emotional support.

Teaching Oral Hygiene
Your child will likely have a very short cleaning and exam during their first appointment, both of which are opportunities for your dentist to start teaching them about oral hygiene. Although you should definitely be teaching good dental habits at home, it’s important to let your child’s dentist have the opportunity to explain its importance.

A childrens dentistry practice will offer amenities and comforts that an adult dentistry practice might not necessarily have, so the first few appointments will be a bit different. But now that you know exactly what to expect during those first visits, you should be extremely prepared.

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