pediatric dental care

As a child, going to the dentist can be extremely scary. However, it may be even scarier when they have to go in for their first procedure or surgery.
Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to help your little one through the process of being put under or seeing many people in scary masks.

There’s a chance you don’t know how to help your child through the pediatric dental care procedure. If you’re unsure of how to help your little one cope, keep reading for some tips and tricks.

Share Your Positive Experiences
Having your child hear about your experiences may help them feel a bit more comfortable. Hearing someone they trust talk about something so scary in a positive way may help them relax a bit. However, staying positive is essential. It would definitely not be a good idea to tell your children any doctor or dentist horror stories.

Explain That This Isn’t a Punishment
Some children may feel that since something was wrong with their teeth, they are being punished with surgery. It’s important to remind them that they aren’t in trouble and that this is something that just needs to happen. Tell them that even though there was something wrong with their teeth, doesn’t mean that this will happen every time they visit the dentist. Explain that since it is pediatric dental care, the doctors will use smaller needles and they may even get a toy or a sticker at the end!

Keep Your Child Informed
Since your child has never been through anything like this before, it’s important for them to know some basic information on what is going to happen. They need to know that the procedure won’t last forever, and neither will any pain they experience. Explain to your child that having the dental work done is a good thing and that it will help them out in the future. Any issues your child may have with their baby teeth will impact their adult teeth. It’s also important for them to know that the staff in the dentist office is only there to help them, not hurt them.

Going to the dentist can be scary for a child. Having a procedure done can be even scarier. However, if you follow these tips for helping them overcome their fear of pediatric dental care, your child’s worry may subside a bit.

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