pediatric orthodontics

While having braces might not be the easiest thing for children to handle, it can be made a lot easier with help from their parents. If your child is getting braces before heading back to school in the fall, here are a few tips for making the journey with metal a breeze.

Create a Braces Care Kit
Pack a “braces care kit” in your child’s backpack so they can bring it back and forth to school. The kit can help your child get through those annoying braces situations that can sometimes be inevitable. The kit should include a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, dental wax, and lip balm. These things will come in handy, especially after your child has eaten their lunch for the day.

Pack the Right Foods
When your pediatric orthodontics office urges you to watch what your child eats, listen to them. Any sticky, crunchy, and hard foods that your pediatric orthodontics tells you to avoid should stay out of your child’s lunch box. These things can get caught in their braces and either break or damage the wires and brackets. Instead of sweet candy, throw some yogurt, applesauce, or Jell-o into their lunch box.

Provide Them With a Mouthguard
If your child plans on participating in gym class or if they’re required to, make sure they have a mouthguard handy. Playing sports and getting involved with gym class activities can increase the risk of getting hurt. If they accidentally get hit in the face with a basketball, they could sustain serious damage to their face, cheeks, and gums. The AAPD notes that 10% to 39% of dental injuries in children are caused by sports, particularly chipped and broken teeth. If they have a mouthguard in, they won’t have to worry about messing up their braces. They can go into gym class with confidence and without worry.

Having braces isn’t easy, especially for a child in school. But before they head back to school in the fall, make sure they’re prepared with a mouthguard, a braces kit, and plan out your school lunch menus. If you or your child have any specific questions about oral hygiene with braces, reach out to your kids dentist office for advice.

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