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It’s difficult to relinquish parental control over your child’s health to someone else. As irrational as it may be, you aren’t alone in being wary of, and meticulous in searching for, professionals to watch over your child’s physical well being.

It’s awful to see your child sick, but your trust in doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals keeps them safe and healthy, even when not in your hands. Oral hygiene is a much quieter cause for health concerns and can be more insidious when your child isn’t yet aware enough to properly care for their teeth.

Honestly, many adults don’t properly care for their own teeth (and we’re supposed to be the responsible ones). With children, dental cavities are twenty times more common than diabetes and five times more common than asthma. It’s more prevalent than you think; the CDC released a study that found 19% of children between the ages 2 and 19 have untreated (sometimes even remaining unbeknownst to them or their parents) dental cavities.

Pediatric dental care is important to keeping your child’s smile healthy. Here are thoughts on keeping your kid cavity free.

Baby Teeth Are Important
There’s a common idea that makes any dentist for children cringe: primary (baby) teeth aren’t as important because they fall out anyway. This is wrong! Primary teeth set the foundation for proper oral hygiene for kids! Merely because those teeth will fall out doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be cared for. A health primary smile makes way for a healthy adult smile.

Don’t Slack On Dental Visits
Going to a dentist for children is important. In fact, you should start bringing your child to the dentist as early as age one. More importantly, pediatric dental exams should be regular, and appointments should be made if you have a concern. Don’t be an internet dentist! There’s no better way to avoid, diagnose, or treat oral health issues than with the guidance of your child’s dentist.

Habits Are Everything
Keep their oral hygiene habits up to snuff. Brush, floss, and rinse thoroughly and consistently. Your child is watching you, take care of your teeth together! Replace a few juices or sugary beverages with water. Eat diversely. Sometimes cavities happen and that’s okay! Prevention is the preferred route to take, but only a dentist for children will be able to properly treat your child. Be their ally, because they’re there for you and your family!

Above all, we know you want to see your child healthy and happy. Oral hygiene starts with positive habits and good communication between children, parents, and dentists. Once this base is established, your child will barely notice how well they’re caring for their own smile.

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