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It’s always a celebration when your child loses their first tooth. There’s excitement for your child, a lost dollar from the Tooth Fairy’s (your) wallet, and a new toothbrush. However, that lost tooth also represents a new chapter in your child’s pediatric dental care!

Unfortunately, 20% of all American children go without dental care and don’t visit a dental pediatrician. This could be the result of there being a lot of different myths about children’s teeth and dental work. So, to ensure there are happy smiles everywhere, let’s debunk some common baby teeth misconceptions.

Myth: A child doesn’t need to see a dentist until their adult teeth come in

Actually, it is imperative that your child visits a dentist as soon as their first tooth comes in. This will help your dentist get a head start on ensuring your child is practicing proper dental hygiene, and it will also help your child form a bond with their dental hygienist and dentist.

Myth: Taking care of baby teeth isn’t as important because they will just fall out anyways

In fact, baby teeth serve a very important purpose, no matter if they are going to fall out or not. Baby teeth help to maintain the proper bone and jaw structure in your mouth by serving as a guide to help permanent teeth move in once baby teeth fall out.

Myth: If my child gets a cavity on their baby tooth, it is not a big deal

This couldn’t be further from the truth! At the end of the day, cavities are bacteria and if they go untreated, this bacteria can spread to the rest of your child’s mouth and cause discomfort and severe pain.

Myth: Consuming sugary snacks and beverages is only harmful if they’re consumed in large quantities

The frequency of the consumption is much more important than the amount consumed. In fact, if you eat sugary candies all day rather than drink a soft drink in one sitting, the amount of sugar lingering on your teeth can be very harmful.

If you keep these myths in mind and ensure your child gets regular dental work and checkups done, we can guarantee they will be showing off those pearly whites as often as they can!

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