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If you are a parent, it’s probably extremely important for you to be able to keep certain mementos from your baby’s childhood. You probably have a baby book where their first footprints are stamped and locks of hair from the first haircut are kept. These keepsakes are easy to preserve, but what about your child’s baby teeth? Once the Tooth Fairy visits, many parents like to keep their children’s baby teeth.

So what do you want to do if you want to save and preserve a few of their baby teeth? Here’s your answer.

If you want to keep your child’s teeth as childhood mementos, here’s what you have to do. First, decide which teeth you want to keep. Usually, the first tooth that falls out of their mouth is the most important. A child’s first dentist will typically recommend cleaning the tooth with soap and water if you plan on keeping it as a memento. Head to the store and pick up some rubbing alcohol and a box of cotton swabs. Take the rubbing alcohol and brush it over the tooth surfaces with the cotton swab to keep it clean and disinfect it. Next, it’s very important that you fully dry your child’s tooth. If you don’t dry the tooth, various bacteria and mold can grow. Use a clean towel to fully get the job done; let the tooth air dry as needed.

It’s important to note that teeth don’t deteriorate much overtime. They may lose a little of their shine, but you won’t see that much of a difference. You do need to make sure that you take the steps to properly clean and disinfect the tooth first. Once you’ve fully cleaned and cared for the tooth, you can then put it in either a memory book or a small container and store it forever.

A really interesting fact about your child’s baby teeth is that they can actually be used for stem cell research. Baby teeth actually contain one to two dozen stem cells, which may be used to treat diseases in the future. If you are interested in using your child’s teeth as a way to help scientists research certain diseases, speak with your child’s first dentist during your dentist visit. Your child’s first dentist will be able to handle everything for you if you plan on donating the tooth.

Remember: Children with poor oral health are three times more likely to miss school because of dental pain, so make sure you come up with a plan with your dentist during your first visit.

When your child starts losing their baby teeth, it’s seen as a huge milestone for both you and them. If you want to hold on to these happy memories of when they were little, take the proper steps to preserve the tooth through either a memory book or a storage container. You’ll be happy you did.

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