Most children aren’t always big fans of dental exams and dentist visits but they’re an important part of keeping your child healthy. Unfortunately, a child throwing a tantrum can make it feel like more of a chore than it actually is. Parents will sometimes put off scheduling dental exams for their children as a result and as many as 1 in 5 U.S. children go without dental care. Here are just a few reasons why it’s important to get your child into a dentist’s office for regular dental exams, even if they’re a bit fussy.

Teaching Good Habits Early

Good dental health starts early, even if a child’s first set of teeth aren’t permanent. These baby teeth are still incredibly important to take care of, as kids can develop cavities that are uncomfortable or even seriously painful. The sooner you start taking your kids to a pediatric dentist, the sooner they can learn the right ways to take care of their teeth, including brushing, flossing, and avoiding super sugary foods.

Kids Get Used To Dentists Over Time

While some people have a fear of dentists that lasts into adulthood, many kids grow out of their fears over time and through exposure. While your child might be fussy at first about visiting a dentist because they’re afraid, more visits can help them adjust to the process. This is one of many reasons why it’s recommended for kids to start visiting dentists as soon as their first teeth start to grow in. If they have more time to learn that the dentist isn’t as scary as they think, future dental exams will go more smoothly.

Preventing Dental Diseases Early

Finally, the best reason to schedule regular dentist visits for your child is to avoid the development of dental diseases. Many dental diseases and oral health issues can be identified early on with appropriate routine checkups. The sooner symptoms of a problem are spotted, the more likely it is that your child can receive treatment to avoid further discomfort. More frequent visits mean that your pediatric dentist has more opportunities to spot issues sooner rather than later.

Scheduling dental exams can feel like a hassle, but it’s an important part of keeping your children safe and healthy as they grow. For more information or to schedule an exam, contact Pediatric Dental Care today.

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