pediatric dental care

A full 20% of children go without dental care in the United States, partly due to the fact that there is a lot of misinformation out there concerning pediatric dental care. To prevent any confusion around pediatric dentistry and your child’s dental hygiene, here are some fast facts you need to know.

Your child needs to go to the dentist by their first birthday
It is crucial that your child has their first pediatric dental exam by their first birthday. This is because even though your child may only have a few teeth, they are still prone to cavities. Getting a check up by the time your child has their first tooth coming through is crucial to prevent any dental health problems down the line. Plus, going to a dental pediatrician from a young age will get your child accustomed to a checkup without fear.

Putting a child to bed with a bottle can be harmful, even if you can’t see their teeth
Just because your child’s teeth aren’t visible, doesn’t mean they aren’t at risk for decay and plaque. If you send your child to bed with a bottle with anything other than water, this is basically like having the teeth soaking in sugar overnight. Known as baby bottle tooth decay, this can be especially harmful to your child’s mouth and is easily preventable.

Baby teeth are important, even if they are just going to fall out
While you may not think it is important to take care of your child’s baby teeth, think again. Even though these teeth are just going to fall out, they set up your child’s mouth for success — they are natural placeholders for adult teeth. Not to mention that an infection on a baby tooth can easily spread throughout the body, so it is crucial to start with healthy habits at a young age.

Tap water is great for your child’s teeth
Tap water contains fluoride, an essential element for your child’s teeth. Some bottled waters don’t contain this mineral, so giving your child some tap water will ensure stronger, healthier teeth!

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