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If there’s anything you should be taking away from pediatric dental services, it’s the importance of childhood dental care. Oral hygiene habits take time to form, and until they do it’s your responsibility as a parent to care for your child’s teeth and teach them how it’s done. According to the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools, almost 51 million school hours are lost as a result of childhood dental issues. Without your help, your child could be missing out on valuable knowledge and on a beautiful smile!

Are you ready to learn the best practices for preventing childhood tooth decay? Here are four things you absolutely need to keep in mind and put into practice.

Clean the Gums
Even before your child starts getting their first teeth, it’s important to take a warm, damp cloth and rub it gently over their gums. Not only will this help clear away any potentially harmful bacteria, it will familiarize your child with the sensation of having their mouth cleaned.

Clean Pacifiers Properly
If a pacifier is dropped on the ground, take great care to clean it properly. That means hot water and soap! In addition, you should make sure never to coat a pacifier in anything like honey or sugar, as it could contribute to tooth decay.

Take Dental Visits Seriously
Pediatric dentistry is crucial to your child’s oral health. Childrens dentistry hones in on issues that specifically affect children and their oral development. That means dealing with baby teeth, childhood cavities, and helping in areas where teeth may still be coming in or need to be extracted. These pediatric dental care visits are essential and can help form good dental habits in the future.

Floss Often
That’s right! As soon as your child’s teeth come in and begin to touch, you should make a point to gently floss them. You might not need to do this several times daily, but you certainly should make an effort after any big meal and before bed.

Preventing childhood tooth decay takes more than pediatric dental services. In addition to those ever-important visits, you should make a point to instill good habits and practice sanitary measures at home.

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