tooth eruption

Teething can be an uncomfortable experience for young children and parents alike. The child might actually be the one with new teeth coming in, causing physical discomfort and pain, but the parents also don’t have it easy; parents of teething children have to deal with the frustration and discomfort of their child, which can be exhausting. If your child is experiencing their first tooth eruptions and is showing signs of discomfort, here are a few ways you can help support them.

  1. Provide teething toys: Having the right toys can make all the difference with helping your child through the discomfort of their first tooth eruption. Look for toys made of soft, safe materials that will help massage the gums and ease the process of the first few baby teeth coming in. Stay away from toothpaste or any materials that might have fluoride in them, however; children should not use fluoride products before the age of two without being instructed to by a doctor or dentist.
  2. Help with pain management: Babies and young children will be quick to let you know when they’re uncomfortable. In most cases, using something cold can help to numb the pain slightly; a cold, wet washcloth can be a quick way to help soothe your child. Talk to your doctor before giving your child any pain relievers, even over-the-counter ones.
  3. Look for abnormal symptoms: Discomfort is fairly normal during teething and your child’s first baby teeth coming in, but if your child seems to be in excess pain or is showing any other abnormal signs, contact a pediatric dentist office as soon as possible. Look for gum redness or irritation as possible signs of an issue.
  4. Schedule a pediatric dentist visit: Once you notice your child’s first teeth coming in, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with your local pediatric dentists. Pediatric dentists are experts on handling issues specific to children and toddlers, including teeth that are just starting to grow in. Having a dentist that specializes in this age range will help your child feel more comfortable and ensure they’re getting proper care for their age range.

Teething and tooth eruption can be uncomfortable for both parents and children, but with the right care, it doesn’t have to be. Contact Pediatric Dental Care for more information.

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