The Hidden Truths About Your Child’s Teeth

You may wonder what the purpose is for insisting your child gnaw on a damp washcloth before their baby teeth even begin to surface. Well, this is the beginning practice for good dental hygiene for your children once their baby teeth become visible at approximately four months of age. Initially, you may start using a damp washcloth to wash their teething gums and new infant teeth but later you will advance to a small, soft bristled toothbrush and assist them with learning how to properly brush.

These days it is very common to use pediatric dental services every six months to help prevent dental diseases and assist with oral hygiene. Your child’s first visit to a pediatric dentist office should be before the age of two years old. At this stage they have grown in most of their baby teeth and will need to be assessed as to how they are growing into place.

The pediatric dental exam will include an X-ray of the teeth, a thorough exam of each individual tooth as well as a cleaning to get excess bacteria off of them. These pediatric dental services may also include additional appointments depending on if your child needs cavities filled, a tooth replacement due to a tooth eruption, or other types of pediatric dental work done. Another topic of discussion could also include pediatric orthodontics for your child’s future depending on how their teeth are growing into their placements.

Following their first appointment will be a cleaning and check up every six to twelve months to keep up with oral hygiene with our kids dentist. Maintaining these appointments, as well as the pediatric dental services for your children, is very important to stay on top of their long term health. The mouth is the first point of access for any bacteria, or disease, to enter into the body and we all know how quickly our children like to shovel anything and everything into their mouths.

In order to keep our children healthy and free of most illnesses require us to not only help keep objects clean around them, but also keep their mouths clean too. Daily brushing of their teeth and washing of their tongues will assist in preventing future health issues and dental work. Stay strong with your children’s pediatric dental services and you will help teach them to fight off unwanted diseases and contribute to their own healthy bodies.

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