While most people think of getting the flu or a cold as the most common reason for missed school days, you may be surprised to learn that dental diseases are fairly common among children. In fact, children with poor oral health are three times more likely to miss school as a result of dental pain. To help reduce dental pain and improve overall health and wellness, be on the lookout for these common dental diseases.


Cavities are unfortunately common, especially among younger children. This can occur because of poor brushing habits and oral hygiene. Cavities usually form due to a build-up of plaque, leftover food particles, and bacteria on the teeth. Over time, cavities can become painful and delaying treatment only worsens the pain. For both children and adults, one of the easiest ways to prevent cavities is to reinforce good oral hygiene. Make sure both you and your children are brushing and flossing regularly and for long enough each day.

Halitosis – Bad Breath

Bad breath can have a variety of causes from a recent smelly meal to forgetting to brush your teeth. However, chronic bad breath, or halitosis, may be a sign of a larger issue. Chronic bad breath is often caused by bacteria and possibly even tooth decay. Normally, regular brushing and good hygiene can help prevent or fix this but sometimes the help of a dentist is necessary.

Gum Disease

Finally, gum disease is an often overlooked but incredibly common source of dental discomfort. If you find your gums turn red or start bleeding when you floss or visit the dentist, it’s possible that you’re not properly caring for your gums. Gum disease can lead to irritated and swollen gums, particularly around where they meet your teeth. Minor cases usually lead to mild to moderate discomfort, while more severe cases can eventually end in tooth loss. Routine teeth cleanings and flossing can help avoid this issue and reverse existing signs of gum disease.

Common Dental Diseases And How To Fight ThemThese dental diseases are fairly common, especially in children who are still learning how to take proper care of their teeth. Fortunately, dentist visits can help you identify and avoid these diseases and many more. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Pediatric Dental Care today.

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