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Every parent wants to make sure their kids stay happy and healthy, but doing so can sometimes be more easily said than done. Getting kids to brush their teeth can be tricky, and kids are notorious for rough-housing without taking care to protect themselves for injury. This can mean that kids are particularly susceptible to certain types of dental problems, sometimes resulting in the need for pediatric dental work. Here are just a few types of common dental issues to watch for in your kids to save yourself a trip to the dentist.

Tooth Decay


It’s important to make sure your children are properly brushing and flossing on a regular basis to prevent tooth decay. If you’re not careful, too many sugary foods and not enough regular preventative dental care can result in a need for corrective care. Fluoride varnish, a high concentration fluoride coating that is painted on teeth, can prevent about one-third (33%) of decay in the primary teeth, but if possible, the best way to take care of tooth decay is to prevent it in the first place.


Crooked Teeth


While thumb-sucking is incredibly common in young children and is a perfectly normal habit for young kids to have, be on the lookout for it once permanent teeth have begun growing in. This habit can lead to the misalignment of permanent teeth that might require pediatric dental work or even braces to correct.


Tooth Grinding


Grinding teeth is a common bad habit in both children and adults alike. Tooth grinding when your kid is stressed can damage the teeth, however, and cause longer-term damage. If you notice your child grinding their teeth in their sleep or when they’re stressed, talk to your dentist about possible options, such as night guards.


Children can experience a wide variety of health problems, particularly when it comes to dental care. However, basic preventative care, including brushing, flossing, and taking care to protect the teeth can all help your child’s teeth stay healthy and encourage good habits for lifelong health.


Looking for help with common pediatric dental problems or in need of pediatric dental work to help correct issues? Contact Pediatric Dental Care for more information on preventative care methods for your child’s dental health.

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