Even if you had braces when you were younger, there’s no guarantee that your child will need them as well. Some kids are particularly lucky and have teeth that grow in perfectly spaced and straight. Still, there are a few signs to look for that might signal the need for children orthodontics for your family. Be on the lookout for these telltale indicators you should start looking for a children orthodontics center near you.

Bite Issues

Overbites and underbites aren’t always necessarily a problem if they’re small, but a bite issue can worsen over time. Bite problems can lead to difficulty with daily necessities, and it’s important to correct them to ensure comfort. These tend to show up earlier than many other issues that require braces or other forms of correction, so taking your child to the dentist earlier on can help identify this. Children should begin regular dental visits at age one; the sooner it’s identified, the better.

Problems With Permanent Teeth

Baby teeth aren’t always the best indicators of whether your child will need the work of an orthodontist later on. Because baby teeth will ultimately be replaced by a permanent set of adult teeth, they won’t necessarily tell you if your child needs braces. However, if you start to notice your child’s teeth coming in crooked, overcrowded, or spaced too far apart, you’ll want to talk to your pediatric dentist about pediatric orthodontics services sooner rather than later.

Self-Esteem Decrease

While pediatric dental care might not seem like a huge factor in your child’s self-esteem, a crooked smile can dramatically impact how they feel about their self-image. A bite issue or poorly aligned teeth can keep your child from smiling as much as they should be, particularly if they’re embarrassed about the look of their teeth. Talk to your child about whether they’d feel better with dental work to help improve the look of their smile.

Not every child will need the help of an orthodontist to get their smile on the right track, but paying attention to early signs can help your kid get the dental care they need as soon as possible. For more information on children’s orthodontics, contact Pediatric Dental Care today.

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