Whether you’re a parent of one or many, there’s no question that dental hygiene is more than just twice-yearly visits to your childrens dental care provider. It’s more than daily brushing, too! In fact, childrens dentistry and dental care are incredibly important. That’s why we’re writing about one of the most effective preventative care methods out there: fluoride.

Why fluoride? Well, there’s more to this naturally-occurring element than you might think! Parents, buckle up and get ready for a short crash course in this helpful element.

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is derived from fluorine, a naturally-occurring element. You can find fluoirine in the Earth’s crust and even in the air around you. Fluoride, on the other hand, is found mainly in water supplies. And this amazing substance can actually help protect teeth and even prevent some early-stage symptoms of tooth decay.

How does fluoride protect teeth?

Fluoride works to protect teeth in two primary ways. First, fluoride actually gets absorbed into the structure of teeth when it’s ingested. So the fluoride in your tap water is actually helping your children keep their teeth strong. Second, fluoride protects teeth simply by coming into contact with it. Think of it as an invisible shield for teeth. In fact, fluoride varnish (a highly concentrated fluoride coating used by dentists) can prevent almost 33%of decay in baby teeth!

Is fluoride safe for children?

There has been opposition in the past to fluoride treatment, both at childrens dental care practices and in the general water supply. Fortunately, scientific data has shown little to no evidence that fluoride is dangerous. In fact, research has shown us the exact opposite — fluoride is an excellent aid in protecting childrens teeth. Any dentist for children will likely recommend fluoride treatment, or at least the consumption of fluoridated water.

How else can I incorporate fluoride into my household?

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to keep fluoride in your family’s life. If you’re concerned about the quality of your tap water, it could be worth purchasing some fluoride-containing toothpaste. This is a great way to protect and clean teeth at the same time. Daily brushing has never been so effective. Some mouth rinses may also contain fluoride.
We realize a blog may not be enough to answer all of your questions. That being said, we hope this one at least answered a few! And as always, Pediatric Dental Care is here for any childrens dental care provider questions you may have.

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