Even though kids’ teeth eventually fall out, taking proper care of them is still important. Partly because it will determine how your kids’ teeth will look by the time they fall out. And also because their teeth will play a crucial role in determining how they bite and chew food as they grow. What’s more? Building good dental habits in your children at an early stage will help them exercise dental hygiene as they grow up until adulthood.

A dental pediatrician would recommend regular dental visits as early as your children’s first birthdays. But there are a couple of good practices you could get your kids into aside from the dental pediatrician visit.

Oral Care Tips for Healthy Teeth in Kids

Kids clearly love sugary treats, which makes it even harder for parents to keep their children’s teeth in check always. The worst thing you can do, however, is to neglect your child’s dental health under the premise that their teeth will eventually fall out. To exercise proper dental care and encourage healthy oral habits, here are a few things you could do.

1. Control How Many Sweets They Consume

No one likes being a strict or boring parent, but you need to check how many sugary treats your kids consume. In doing so, you prevent early tooth decay, which may cause severe ‘ouchies’ to your precious toddlers. Remember, bacteria in teeth produce acid after consuming sugar remains in teeth. The acid produced dissolves the enamel of your teeth, which exposes the sensitive parts of the teeth to the environment resulting in intense pain and not the best-looking teeth.

You could try substituting sugary treats for dairy products like yogurt which acts as a buffer for the acid by neutralizing it before it dissolves the enamel.

2. Use a Fluoride Toothpaste from the Start

There are plenty of articles and scholarly publications that advice against the use of fluoride for whatever reasons. The notion that fluoride causes more harm than good, however, has been debunked by a recent publication by the American Dental Association. The report which is likely to be supported by any dental pediatrician encourages the use of fluoridated toothpaste on the onset of teeth. Fluoride helps prevent the development and spread of cavities at an early age by remineralizing parts of the teeth that have been corroded by acids.

3. Regularly Visit a Dental Pediatrician

Your kids should become acquainted with a dental pediatrician early enough to make it a habit even in their adulthood. Frequent dental check-ups are important because they’ll form the foundation of your children’s dental habits and expose them to oral hygiene at a tender age. The dental pediatrician will conduct a thorough oral exam, guide you on the right dental habits for your kids and check for any future dental diseases and complications that may arise. Frequent visits to the dentist will also make your kid’s less scared of a dentist’s visit in the future.

4. Make Brushing Teeth a Habit

Most kids scamper away at the sight of a toothbrush and keeping up with their brushing is not easy. There are, however, a couple of tricks you could use to help you out. First, consider having them choose their own toothbrushes. Kids have a wide selection of fun, colorful toothbrushes that will make brushing their teeth something to look forward to. 

Also, consider using flavored toothpaste to brush their teeth. Set a specific time for brushing teeth, and ensure the whole family takes part in the activity to get them used to brushing their teeth.

Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime

If you want your kids to have strong, healthy teeth for the rest of their lives, then starting early is always your best bet.

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