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For parents with young children, it can be difficult to know exactly what sort of medical care you need to be seeking out for them, and this is especially true with dentistry. Are they too young for the dentist? What if they don’t have all of their baby teeth in yet? Should I schedule an appointment? There are many questions first-time parents have about pediatric dentistry; use these answers to help your child access the care they need.


When should you schedule an appointment for your child?


Children should start seeing a family dentist regularly far earlier than most actually do. By age one, your child should begin having regular dental visits, though some see dentists earlier, depending on the development of baby teeth. This is because baby teeth act as a sort of “practice round” for their permanent adult teeth, and establishing routine dental visits as a behavior early on can help with long-term dental health as they grow.


What if my child is too nervous for the dentist?


If you’re worried that your child’s first dental appointment is going to be too stressful an experience for them to handle, there are several ways to help them cope. First, make sure that your child has sat with you in the dentist’s office before, even if they aren’t receiving any sort of dental care themselves; this ensures that they have at least been exposed to the dentist before their own visit.


Additionally, finding a specialized pediatric dentist can help ensure your child’s nerves are eased early on. Pediatric dentists focus specifically on working with young children and are accustomed to handling common concerns and fears that children have of dentists and doctors. Finding the right dentist for your child’s first dental visit is essential; it can help both you and your child stay calm throughout the process, and help your child prepare for future visits.


If it’s time to schedule an appointment for your child’s first dentist visit, contact Pediatric Dental Care today. Pediatric Dental Care can help both you and your child manage your concerns about your kid’s first dentist appointment and make sure both you and your child get the dental care you need to stay healthy.

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