40% of children are diagnosed with dental cavities before they reach kindergarten age, and children dentistry is focused on keeping children from suffering from dental problems. Children should get dental care as soon as the child’s teeth emerge.

Children dental services are focused on prevention. There are preventive treatments available that can ensure that your child never gets a cavity. A pediatric dentist specializes in providing dental services for children.

The First Visit

Around the age of one, children should see the dentist. The first visit to the dentist will do an exam to check for your child’s dental development. Any problem areas will be noted and a treatment plan will be designed specifically for your child.

The dentist may recommend some preventive treatments like sealing your child’s teeth to prevent cavities. During the first visit to the children’s dental service, the dentist and the hygienist will:

  • Discuss proper dental care with you
  • Address any potential issues
  • Make the experience a positive one for your child

A pediatric dentist Northern VA parent’s trust can help them start their children off with good dental habits. The dentist and hygienist will take the time to educate you on how to take care of your child’s teeth until they are old enough to do it themselves.

Early Intervention is Key

Most dental issues respond best to early interventions. Forming a partnership with a pediatric dentist is a great way to ensure any problems can be addressed early on. With regular dental visits, any problems that do crop up can be addressed immediately.

A Positive Experience

Taking your child to a childrens dentistry specialist will ensure that they view the dentist as a natural part of getting health care. You will be setting your child up for a lifetime of good oral health.

Dental care that is focused on helping your child get a great experience in the dental office will ensure that your child does not develop a fear of the dentist. Partnering with a children’s dentistry specialist that delivers exceptional care will give your child the oral health advantage that you want for your child.

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