One of the best things you can do for your child’s oral health is to make sure that they are comfortable going to the dentist office. Sadly, one out of five children in the United States goes without professional dental care.

Like all new experiences, the dentist office can be scary for children, and choosing a dentist for children can help to make the visit less scary. Preparing your child for their first dentist visit can also ease some of the anxiety.

Ideal Age To Start Dental Care

Most experts agree that the best age to start dental care for your child is at the age of 1. Typically by one year-old, many of the teeth have erupted which gives the dentist a good indication of how their primary teeth are doing.

One of the benefits of getting your child to the dentist office early in life is that it just becomes a normal part of their health care. Children get used to having to see the dentist every 6 months when they start seeing the dentist early on.

What Can You Do To Help Your Child Have a Great Dentist Office Visit?

Making sure your child’s first dental appointment goes smoothly starts with you preparing them for their dentist office visit. Children that are prepared for what to expect respond better to their first visit. A Northern Virginia dental office that specializes as a dentist for kids will do their part to make your child comfortable during their appointment and you can do your part before the appointment to make sure your child is ready.

Here are some tips for getting your child ready to meet with the dentist:

  • Read them stories about the dentist office
  • Play dentist office pretend games where they have a chance to exam your mouth
  • Look for animated videos about going to the dentist

You can get your child excited about their first dental appointment by reading dental visit themed books to your child. Stories that show that it is fun to go to the dentist can help to ease their worry about the dentist.

Make it Fun

Play pretend games that focus on going to the dentist and the dental exam. Let your child play the role of the dentist and have a look at your teeth. Talk about oral care often and use dolls and stuffed animals as patients.

Dental care is so important for young mouths. It can shape a life of good oral health. Make your appointment with the dentist for kids in Northern Virginia that will partner with you to ensure your child enjoys great oral health.

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