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Very few parents know that a dentist for kids exists. Some parents, unfortunately, have a perception that a child’s teeth will have no issues until the child grows older. Others don’t think that children dental care is essential, which explains why they have never had the thought of taking their children to the dentist for kids for checkups.

As a mother, you should know that dental diseases are common among kids, and you should endeavor to take your kids for dental services to keep them clean and safe. If left untreated for a longer period, they can cause discomfort, infections, and other severe problems that are likely to manifest as your child gets older. These are some of the common dental issues to look out for in kids of any age.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay happens slowly but is more common for kids than you may realize. Recent studies show that 40% of kids between the ages of two and six have at least one cavity. As a parent, you will always struggle to detect cavities at early stages. That is why you should make sure that you visit a dentist for kids regularly.

Dental cleanings are essential at this early stage and will play a vital role in the overall dental hygiene for your kid. If a kids dentist finds a cavity, he will use a filling to treat it. However, severe cases may lead to no option other than the use of the pediatric crown.

Tooth Sensitivity

There is a layer that covers or protects the tooth against bacteria. It is the outermost layer of the tooth. If your kid is showing signs of tooth sensitivity, especially to heat or cold, there is a higher chance that the outer layer is too thin or has worn out.

However, primary teeth are known to have fragile enamel, so your kids are likely to be prone to tooth sensitivity. If the problem persists and you notice that your kids are not comfortable, you should take them to the nearest dentist for kids. Probably there is tooth decay as the teeth have been left vulnerable.

Loosened Teeth from Injuries

Data from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry highlights that 10% to 39% of dental injuries in children such as broken and chipped teeth are caused by sports. As a parent, if your kid enjoys sports, running and jumping all over the place, it’s not uncommon for them to have experience tooth damage.

Most parents have a theory that a loosened tooth is making room for a permanent tooth. That’s not always true. Loosened teeth can be caused by injuries, and they need treatment from pediatric dental clinics. Sometimes the tooth might be damaged severely such that it requires a root canal and sometimes a crown.

Early Gum Disease

In most cases, gum disease affects adults, but recent research shows that kids are also vulnerable to early gum disease. If you notice that child’s gums are swollen and red, you need to take him to the nearest dentist for kids for treatment and prevention of other serious problems.

Kids orthodontics indicates that specialized dental cleaning can help in treating and eliminating gum disease. However, in severe cases, a dentist may recommend specialized cleaning technique or rinses. Therefore, parents should watch out for signs of gum disease so that they can seek treatment early to counter the negative impacts.

Tooth Misalignment

According to experienced children orthodontics; tooth misalignment can happen naturally but is mostly inherited from parents or other members of the family. Extended thumb sucking is also a significant contributor to malocclusion.

The problem with tooth misalignment is that it cannot be treated in very young children. However, orthodontic treatment can be administered when your child has reached the medically appropriate stage. Minimizing thumb sucking through parental guidance could lower tooth misalignment by a considerable percentage, but there is nothing parents can do about hereditary malocclusion.

There are tens of preventative care methods that are key to minimizing or eliminating all the dental issues highlighted above. Keeping up with your child’s oral health through consistent cleaning and visiting the dentist will keep dental problems at a minimum. This will set your children for a healthier dental future.

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