As a parent, you already know how important it is for your child to take care of their teeth. But while you might already schedule their regular appointments at your local pediatric dentist office and supervise their oral care at home, those steps don’t solve every possible dental issue.

At some point, the majority of us will need our wisdom teeth removed. Whether your child has only one tooth that needs to be extracted or their dentist has recommended all four be removed, it’s important to plan ahead and prioritize this procedure. Not only will this allow your child to avoid potential pain and discomfort later on, but working with a dentist who offers wisdom teeth removal kids already know can alleviate potential anxiety. Here are another few reasons why you shouldn’t unnecessarily delay this procedure.

By Not Waiting to Contact Experts For Wisdom Teeth Removal Kids Trust…

  • Your child’s extraction will be simpler: The earlier you schedule your child’s wisdom teeth removal, the more likely it will be that the extraction goes smoothly. Although you’ll need to wait until your dentist recommends the procedure be performed to ensure the third molars erupt properly, it’s generally best not to wait too long. Wisdom teeth are easier to remove before they become anchored to the jaw bone — and doing so on the early side can help alleviate the risk for nerve damage, fractures, and other complications. Overall, the process will be quicker and less invasive if you opt for an earlier extraction.
  • You can help your child avoid other dental issues: Aside from avoiding complications during the procedure itself, early extraction can also eliminate the possibility of dental discomfort and other problems. After all, 51 million school hours are lost every year due to dental diseases. Having your child’s wisdom teeth removed can alleviate pain and crowding, which can lead to poor oral care, infection, and misalignment. To avoid spending more on subsequent dental care and to protect your child’s smile, it’s best to schedule their wisdom teeth extraction as soon as it’s recommended by their dentist.
  • You can schedule the procedure for a convenient time: Although your dentist may provide the wisdom teeth removal kids need, this procedure isn’t something your child will look forward to. However, it’s much better to have it scheduled for a convenient time rather than deal with a potential dental emergency. Waiting too long to schedule wisdom teeth removal can make it harder for kids to fit in the recovery time they need without sacrificing their academic, athletic, or social pursuits. But if your dentist lets you know in advance that your child’s wisdom teeth are ready to come out, it’ll be much easier to schedule the procedure during a longer school break or summer vacation so that they don’t have to miss out.

In the end, no one enjoys having their wisdom teeth taken out — but it’s a procedure that can protect the health and comfort of your child. By working with a reputable pediatric dentist, your child’s oral care will be carefully monitored to ensure this procedure can be made a priority early on.

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